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What kind of business do we help at Box Box Solutions??????

For previous clients, it goes a little something like this……

You have been in business for a good number of years now,
business has grown each year,
products and services have increased,
so has the time it takes to deliver the work.

You have progressed the business, but it feels very reactive,
You are often jumping from one thing to the next,
A lot of things happen a bit by accident.

You know you are making a profit, but you’re not 100% sure which parts of your business are making you money and which are not, or which of your daily activities are contributing to your profit and growth, and which are not.

You spend a lot of time wondering:

Should I focus on this part of my business or on that part?
Should I spend money on a new…..
Should I re-do the website?
Should I outsource this….
Should I recruit a…..
How on earth do I continue to grow without breaking myself?

The answer to these questions isn’t clear, so the outcome is usually that no decision is made, and therefore no action is taken, and you end up staying exactly where you are, earning and achieving at the same level you always have.

If you are ready to make some changes that will result in you achieving a lot more than you have over the past few years,

if you are ready to make some changes that will result in you earning a lot more money than you have over the past few years,

and if you are ready to do all this in a way that feels clear, and comfortable, and realistic,

then you might be one of the businesses we’re looking to work with this year.

Comments from clients that have been through this process with us already:

“the programme is a fully focused, bespoke experience, allowing you to reflect on your business vision, values, mission and strategy in a way your team will understand. Totally worthwhile”
Owner, New Barns Caravan Park

“Thanks again Bex – you really have been just what the business (and me) needed!”
Owner, Skills Fix

“The programme is a well-structured guide on how to change your business around, it gives you the ability to see things you didn’t think of before and gives you the steps to move forward with confidence.”
Owner, Lakes Cleaning Services

We worked with these businesses to help them to focus on their vision, on “what does good look like”?

From there, they followed our model to generate a clear strategy of how they would achieve that vision, and on a plan that they could follow with confidence to get them there.

Once they had that clear plan that they felt confident in delivering, all of those questions they had been pondering for so long became easy to answer.

Everything felt a lot simpler, a lot more sustainable and a lot less overwhelming.

They finally felt like they could grow their business in a way that felt right for them.

If you would like to work with us this year so that you can feel confident about your business growth too, the first step is for you to email us and request our brochure.

Our brochure has all the finer details of how you can work with us, what we do together, and investment options to suit different budgets.

After that, you book in for your free 30-minute consultation and we can get started.

Previous clients who took that step forward to grow their business made these comments:

“Rebecca delivered an excellent planning session, expertly supporting me to identify an ambitious yet achievable strategy – with clear and definable actions. I feel highly motivated since our session, armed with a clear vision and renewed passion. I highly recommend Rebecca, she is professional, knowledgeable and is an expert at crafting an action plan!”
Owner, Lynne Quincey Coaching

“We’ve done a number of strategy and vision days before, but this has been different. It feels like we have something we will actually do, rather than just talking about it and then coming back to the same things next year. Very highly recommended”
Board Member, Lancaster & Morecambe Chamber of Commerce

First step – send us an email requesting our brochure.

If you feel like you want to get to know us a bit better first, watch our origin story here –

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