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Maximise your growth

The MID-SEASON UPGRADE is a transformative process specifically designed for sole traders.

It can be really tough working alone, so having the time to brainstorm, bounce ideas around, and play out different scenarios is instrumental in gaining CLARITY on what needs to happen to drive your business forward.

We’ll take you through a practical and collaborative, step-by-step process to create your growth strategy.

Building for business success

We take you through a practical, step-by-step process, to create your growth strategy.

Our unique approach sets you up for long term growth. We provide industry leading best practice to help guide you through the decision making process, ensuring that you have a plan that’s the right fit for your business.

Our Mid-Season Upgrade

Our programme will help you:

  • Define your mission, vision, values and purpose
  • Outline your strategic roadmap with core goals, activities and milestones
  • Analyse your current position through risk, financial, market and SWOT analysis
  • Create a detailed action plan to allow for effective execution
  • Put together your balanced scorecard so you can track your progress
  • Compile your playbooks for sales and growth

This programme runs over 2-4 weeks, with sessions scheduled to fit in around you – £2,495. 

Additional ongoing support after the initial programme is complete starts at £995 per month. 

Have a look at OUR MODEL to learn more about how this works.

Business Planning

Follow our step-by-step process to speed up your growth & profitability.


Harness the collective creativity of every employee.

Save You Time & Stress!

Have us arrange and facilitate your annual business planning, so you get to relax and be a participant, rather than host.

Maximising Opportunities

Stay ahead of competition, uncovering opportunities for growth and expansion