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Uncovering opportunities for growth & expansion

In motor racing, the phrase ‘target fixation’ describes the phenomenon where a driver focuses so much on an object they lose awareness of their surroundings, putting themselves and others in danger and increasing the likelihood of a crash.

In a business context, this is being so fixated on a goal, that you lose awareness of other important factors that could affect your business. This could be missed business opportunities or a new competitor taking market share from you.

Understanding your business environment

It’s important for any business to have a clear view of your landscape and how changes beyond your control may affect day-to-day operations. You may have heard of this as the macro and micro environmental factors – the internal and external forces that can impact your business:

  • Micro: these are the internal factors directly associated to your business, this could be new competitors or changes to suppliers and customers.
  • Macro: these are the uncontrollable external forces that can impact your business – both positively and negatively. They could be new technologies, political and economic factors or even cultural changes.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is – whether you’re a sole trader or a large organisation – changes to suppliers or legal frameworks can have significant knock-on effects to your revenue and growth opportunities.

As the saying goes “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Being able to adapt to shifts in your environment could help you reduce risks to your business, or help you leverage opportunities ahead of the competition.

How can Box Box Business Solutions help?

At Box Box Business Solutions, we provide business owners with the tools and structure to effectively map and rationalise their business environment. Our business environment workshops can help you navigate:

  • Changes to your competitive landscape: keeping an eye on the competition puts you one step ahead, preventing you from being caught out by changes such as new product releases, sales offers and expansions.
  • Changes to suppliers: whether its price increases, stock issues or delays, having oversight of these challenges ensures they don’t leave a lasting impact.
  • Legal and political shifts: navigate the positive and the negative, from tax subsidies you may not have considered to legal changes such as GDPR.
  • Technology advances: from online shopping to new ways to automate processes, technology can change overnight and so can its impact on your business.

Environmental planning doesn’t need to be complex and time consuming. We’re here to provide you with the tools to map your environment and build in ways to navigate changes.

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