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How do we supercharge business growth and profitability?

Business Planning and Strategic Support

Helping you move from re-active to pro-active

There’s a number of challenges that businesses have had thrown at them over the last few years. With so much focus on the immediate, it can be hard to step back and find the time to plan ahead. Whether it’s planning for growth, budgeting for new growth or simply an office move, these all require strategic preparation and insight.

Strategic planning and frameworks

At Box Box Business Solutions we like to think of ourselves as an extension to your business. We work closely with our partners, providing frameworks and processes to help optimise their planning and strategic vision. In today’s world, this can provide greater security and peace of mind.

Having a business plan can:

  • Reduce risk by being able to plan for different scenarios;
  • Financial stability through better budget and a financial forecasting;
  • Improve day-to-day operations with improved processes and greater team alignment;
  • Help attract and retain employees with clearer roles, responsibilities and individual value recognised.

How can you achieve business growth?

Our unique clarity & definition model helps make business planning simple, straightforward, and most importantly, easy to follow. Whether you’re a sole trader or an SME, our services are tailored to provide a realistic and manageable course of action.

Our business planning sessions cover:

  • Mapping strategic goals for the next 1,3 and 10 years;
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities across your workforce;
  • Process optimisation to reduce efforts on activities that don’t support the business goals;
  • Clear financial planning to cater for any scenario;
  • Market and environmental analysis;
  • Business processes optimisation.

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