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In my last newsletter I introduced you to Ansoff’s Matrix as a means to generating and assessing strategies for growth.

I wanted to follow this up with a note about inclusivity, and why it’s so good to talk!

I really believe in inclusivity, and when I run my business growth programme in organisations, I do so with the entire organisation, I get every single person involved in the process, they all get to contribute.

As a result, my client’s employees are always way more engaged and “bought in” to delivering the result than they were before, there is always so much excitement to get started on the plan and start seeing change, because they helped to create that plan, they are invested.

So when we use something like Ansoff’s Matrix, it lends itself so well to this approach, because the golden nuggets come from that group discussion.

We start talking about what growth options are available, and get into scenario planning together. We have discussions that go along the lines of

“if we were to do that, how might we do it? How might we achieve that? If we did that, how would it affect everything else, and what would the likely outcome be?”

When we talk about strategies in this way, it allows us to get right into the details of our options and fully consider what the best choice is, for us, in our unique situation.

It’s this delving into the detail that often allows us to make the right choices, and to feel confident in the direction we choose, because there has been such a great amount of consideration.

Grab your free copy of my Ansoff’s Matrix Template and have a go with your team.

I bet you’ll be surprised at how much they engage and enjoy the process, and you’ll get a load of new ideas to consider for growing your business.

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Once you’ve used the template, book in for a free 30-minute consultation where I can help you with the next stage, which is selecting the right option and implementing it.

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