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About Box Box Business Solutions

About Box Box Business Solutions

Rebecca Smith, Owner of Box Box Business Solutions, is a huge Formula 1 fan, a sport where success rides on the race strategy, the whole team working as one, and on a car designed to maximum efficiency and efficacy.

In business she believes the same is true – “start with your goals, design your strategy, then focus on your people and get them working as one, finally you focus on the details and on drawing maximum efficiency from the resources available.”

“BoxBox” is the F1 callsign for a pit stop. In racing, seconds count. The mission must be clear, with each member clear on their role, responsibilities and the impact they have in reaching the team goal – winning the race. This is what our clarity & definition model has been based around

What’s it like working with Rebecca?

She says “what about me personally?  Well it’s my website, so I can probably say anything I like – I could say that I’m the greatest in the world, with endless knowledge, experience and abilities – but the fact is, you won’t know if you want to work with me until we have got to know each other a little.

Book in for an initial conversation, we can discuss you, your business, your goals, and you can ask me anything.  By the end of that you’ll know if we are a good fit.​

For the record, I’m honest, straight-forward, sometimes sarcastic (yes I know it’s the lowest form of wit, but it’s wit none the less) I commit to the result, and I only take on work where I know I can deliver good value for money”.

Backed by Experience…

Lecturer at Lancaster & Morecambe College
Earned Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Status
2015 – 2022
Experienced Senior Manager, People Manager, Business Development and Continuous Improvement
Brighton School of Business Management – BTEC in Business

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