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3 Tips for Effective Growth

Working with so many different businesses on their growth strategy, from all different industries, and all at different stages of their development and journey, you’d think that the problems they all face would be really different and varied!!

However, there are a couple of challenges that keep cropping up for my clients, again and again and again.

These seem to be the biggest challenges faced by businesses trying to grow, as they show themselves time and time again.

Here, I will explain each of these challenges in a bit more detail, and give you some ideas of how you can overcome each one.

  1. Setting growth targets that stretch the team, without demotivating them.
  2. Setting a strategy that gets team “buy-in”.
  3. Setting a strategy that the team are able to deliver on.


When your goal is to grow your business, you need to set goals that are ambitious and stretch your team, otherwise you simply stunt your growth and limit what you are able to achieve.

If you set them too high though, you run the risk of de-motivating the team by setting them targets that are totally unattainable.

Many businesses also make the mistake of only setting financial targets, where most employees don’t care about making the owner more money, so again this can really de-motivate a team.

Using your vision

By developing a strong vision that focuses on something more than simply growing profits, you give your team something more than cash to believe in.

Then setting targets around the financials yes, but some of the other factors that feed into your vision as well, will make sure that your team stay motivated.

For example, your vision might be about doubling in size, and becoming the most sustainable business of your type.  You could then set yourself some growth goals around how you become the most sustainable business.

Your team are much more likely to get on board with growth in size as well as working towards increased sustainability.  They will care more about being more sustainable than making you more profits.


Better still, if you get your team involved in deciding what other goals you are going to work towards, and asking them how much they think you could achieve together, how much they think you can grow, will make sure that they “buy-in”.

The more you can involve your team in setting goals and developing strategy, the more they will support and work hard to deliver it.

Detailed action planning

When it comes to developing that strategy, the real magic is always in the detail.

So often I hear from frustrated business owners that can’t understand why their team are not delivering.  They don’t understand how even when they have clearly communicated what the goals are, and what they need the team to do, they still don’t see results, and the team still don’t deliver what’s needed.

Often, although the business owner feels they have been clear in their instruction, the truth is there is usually far too little detail included in strategy plans to allow a team to really understand what is needed, and to execute effectively.

So, focusing on the detail when it comes to action planning your strategy is key for every business I work with.  It ensures that everyone is super clear on exactly what they need to do, and how they need to do it to succeed.

Again, the more you can involve your team in developing the strategy and the action plan, the easier the delivery will be.

If your team have been involved in developing the strategy, they understand all the decision making, they’ve got the background and the supporting story that influenced the end action plan.  This means they have a deep understanding of what’s needed, and coupled with a detailed action plan, they are set-up to succeed and to deliver as needed.

3 Tips

So, 3 things you can do to give your growth strategy the best chance of success:

  1. Create a strong vision for growth that is about much more than simply more profits.
  2. Get your team involved in developing the strategy as much as possible – get them involved in the whole thing if you can.
  3. Once you have a strategy, make sure you turn it into a detailed action plan so that your team can execute it with ease.

For more help on how you can put these 3 tips into practice get in touch for more details on my Growth Strategy Programme.  I focus on exactly these 3 things: A strong vision that’s about more than just profits | Total inclusivity and team involvement | Detailed action planning.


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